University Sports Massage

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Who We Are

USM is an enthusiastic and dedicated group of Certified Therapeutic Massage Specialists located in beautiful Gainesville, Florida who share areas of expertise which include Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, applied knowledge of Human Health and Physiology, as well as the various specialized forms of massage. Together we share a philosophy that focuses on a lifestyle of health and well being, and it is our collective mission to share this philosophy with others through passionate work and knowledgeable services.

Our History

  • 1989
    University Sports massage was started as a sole proprietorship by Robyn Wilson. Robyn started working at the University of Florida with the women's swim team.
  • 1998
    University Sports Massage became incorporated.
  • 1999
    The building at 920 NW 8th Ave was purchased to be used as a clinic.
  • 2000
    Brooke Lucas started working with Robyn Wilson.
  • 2003
    Women's Tennis won the National Championship.
  • 2004
    Tiffani Ray joined the team at University Sports Massage.
  • 2006
    Brooke and Tiffani purchased the business from Robyn and John Wilson.
  • 2008
    Gator Football won the National Championship.
  • 2009
    Richard Ray began his career with USM.
  • 2010
    Women's Swimming and Diving won the National Championships, Men's Track and Field won the Indoor National Championships, and Margo Lewkow joined the staff.
  • 2011
    Women's Tennis Won the National Title, Men's Track and Field won the Indoor National Championships.
  • 2012
    Women's Tennis won the National Title, Men's Track and Field won the Indoor National Championships .
  • 2013
    UF Gymnastics won the National Championship.

About Sports Massage

Sports Massage uses Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques adapted to deal with the effects of intense physical exertion on the body. Its primary purpose is to ease stiffness and pain in both muscles and joints, increase mobility in muscles and joints, warm muscle and connective tissue prior to exercise and help in removing toxins and lactic acid after a workout.

Massage evolved with athletics in both Ancient China and Ancient Greece. Taoist priests developed massage in concert with their Kung Fu gymnastics, while Ancient Greek Olympians used a type of trainer "aleiptes" who would massage their muscles with oil.

The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta was the first time that massage was offered as a core medical service to the US Olympic Team.

Sports massage is now a part of almost every professional & collegiate athletic team. Sports massage can benefit anyone who participates in any type of athletics, recreational or professionally.

Our Professionals

  • Are well educated and trained in the sciences of Sports & Therapeutic Massage.
  • Are passionate about their work and its effects on the health and well-being of their clients.
  • .Actively live the healthful and balance lifestyles they are promoting through their services.
  • .Treat all clients with professional courtesy and respect.
  • Bring positive energy and enthusiasm to each and every session you attend.
  • Brooke Lucas
  • Tiffani Ray
  • Ricky Ray
  • Margo Lewkow
  • Keith Williams