University Sports Massage

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Massage 101

  • Dress Etiquette Dress to the level you feel comfortable with. Many people choose to disrobe completely, while others choose to keep undergarments or gym shorts on. Still others prefer the Shiatsu style of massage where they remain fully clothed. Throughout the entire massage, you will remain covered with a sheet, except for the area being worked on.
  • Room Privacy During your session, the door is closed and locked, with a “massage in session” sign prominently displayed.
  • Therapist Preference When you schedule your appointment, you can request either a male or female specialist, or if you have a specific therapist with whom you continue to feel most comfortable.
  • Massage Oil We use massage oil that is fragrance-free and made from all natural ingredients. Should you have an allergy or preference to go without, we can always accommodate you accordingly.


  • Does Sports Massage Hurt?
    Sometimes this form of therapy can be uncomfortable, especially following an injury. Please make sure to communicate with your therapist prior to as well as during your session, letting them know your comfort level and preferences. The better your level of communication, the more effective and satisfying the session will be!
  • When should I get a sports massage?
    Depending on your lifestyle and schedule, there are many opportune times to plan for a sports massage. Pre-event or workout sports massages are great for injury prevention and for enhancing your range of motion, while getting one after a strenuous workout or a competitive event can be a great avenue towards a quicker recovery and reduced soreness.
  • After I get a sports massage how long before doing my regular physical activities again?
    Between 24-48 hours is a good rule of thumb. Be sure to let the massage take its effect in helping your muscles recover before getting back to full activity. And bear in mind that because everyone’s body is different, some recoveries are quicker and more seamless than others.
  • How often should I get a massage?
    This depends on several factors: training frequency and intensity, whether or not you have an injury or chronic pain/health condition. For those who are training diligently or who have an injury, a weekly massage is most beneficial. For those looking to maintain a healthy balance in their body, biweekly or monthly massages can provide great benefit.