University Sports Massage

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Massage Services

All massages are performed by our well-trained staff, and are specifically tailored to your own personal needs. They vary in intensity and target area so you are sure to find a massage that suits your needs perfectly.

Sports Massage

A combination of purposefully timed massage techniques for athletes in competitive or recreational settings. A sports massage can combine pre and post event, recovery and maintenace massage, to reduce soreness, recovery time and prevent and treat athletic injuries. The benefits of sports massage are relief from pain and general soreness, restore flexibility, enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage, move metabolic waste through the tissues and decrees the formation of adhesions.

Pre and Post Event Massage

These massages are great when used in preparation for events and competitions (enhancing circulation in target muscle areas as well as your range of motion), or to help recuperate and regain comfort after them (reducing the risk of future injury and accelerating the body’s healing processes).

Therapeutic Massage

The manipulation of muscles and connective tissue using various techniques to enhance function, aid in healing, decrease soreness or tightness and promote relaxation.